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Evolution of the 800 toll-free number

You hear the phrase all the time: on television, in print and even in passing conversation. But what is an 800 toll-free numbers? It’s a special number that’s free to dial, and is very popular for businesses to use since customers don't have to pay a penny in order to call them. Phone number services for businesses allow associates and employees to be constantly available to customers as well. The prefix digits differ depending on when you get a toll-free number and new prefixes are released as needed. The latest prefix released was 844.

The concept of a custom toll-free number or vanity number has been around for a while. Toll-free phone numbers are now used in place of making collect calls through an operator, which was quite tedious and time-consuming. Now, an 800 toll-free number connects the customer directly with the business, cutting out the third-party entirely. It’s a much more efficient and reliable way of doing business. Toll-free phone numbers then developed into Zenith numbers, which also used the operator service. 

Toll-free phone numbers as we know them today came to fruition in 1967, courtesy of AT&T. The idea was that a customer could reach any business by dialing its 1-800 number; it’s a bit more complex than what it is today, but it carried the same basic principle. Vanity numbers, which are custom toll-free numbers made of easy-to-remember phrases, also became very popular. A vanity 800 toll-free number is commonly used as a marketing tool as well as a point of contact. 

2014 will see the release of new 844 phone number options. These numbers are designed to boost communication between customers and businesses, as well as allow businesses to manage their phone lines more efficiently. It's not hard to get a toll-free number and you won't be sorry you did: Toll-free phone numbers have a lot of benefits, starting with customer relations and support. You can come up with a custom toll-free number—one that’s easy to remember and that will also boost your marketing efforts—and reserve it quickly. Getting the 844 phone number you want will be a major score for your business. 

An 800 toll-free number makes it easy for you to keep up your relationships with customers and allows them to contact you free of charge whenever they need help. Reserve your custom 844 phone number today to ensure you get the one you want.